A downloadable game for Windows and Android

In a near future, a group of scientists has successfully created the perfect combination of animals and plants, Kugles Help decarbonise the Solana blockchain while nurturing your virtual creature for generations!

KugleCorp is a platform that allows you to own and care for virtual pets as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It is a colorful universe with a concrete ecological objective.

 You are able to get Eggs on our marketplace, pet them in our mobile app as you would do in a Tamagotchi game, hatch them into a Kugle, a cute digital pet. Thus you can give them love, send them to daily missions in the form of a game inspired by Mario Galaxy to earn tokens every day. Eventually, by owning many Kugles, you will also be able to mix them and breed 2 Kugles to create a new Egg, sharing visual body traits from their 2 parents. Yes, you are correct: the investor of yesterday will become the ultimate egg farmer of tomorrow!


Kugle - Dev 1.0.6 - Android Apk 138 MB
Kugle - Dev 1.1.7 - New Camera.zip 143 MB

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